HexCam is a revolutionary honeycomb camo design based on the naturally-occurring patterns found in several animal species.

HexCam was developed by a former US Air Force Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC).

Why not? There is always room for more innovations in any industry. HexCam was developed because we thought we could make a cool, functional pattern that is capable of working well in a multitude of environments. A lot of research went into the design, and we are constantly finding ways to make it even more effective.

Anything from apparel, gear, board games, video games, accessories like phone cases, hydro printing, stickers, etc. that are allowed by law. The sky is the limit.

The only thing you can’t release to the general public is the pattern itself.


Any entity (sole proprietor, partnership, LLC, Corporation) can license HexCam for use with their products.

We own the registered copyright to the HexCam design. We are currently in the process of registering the hex design as our trademark as well. Any use of the HexCam design for commercial purposes without purchasing a license constitutes copyright infringement, which is punishable by law. For more information about copyrights, please visit copyright.gov (applicable to United States).

It varies. If you would like to license our patterns, send an email to licensing [at] hexcam.net.

Altering the pattern is not permissible under the standard licensing contracts. However, we can customize the pattern to your specifications under certain conditions (changing color scheme, etc.). We can also design a unique pattern for you (altering the hex pattern’s algorithm). Pricing on these services varies. Please use our contact page with details of your needs and we will be able to more accurately give you a quote.